Project & Service Solutions

Project & Service Solutions was created in 2011 by Dirk Doppelfeld.

We took into account the fact that project management was becoming more and more important for companies and organizations, the assessment was also that many projects were not reaching their objectives regarding customer satisfaction, profit, content, dates and costs. That’s why Project & Service Solutions wants to help companies becoming more efficient in their project management and services.

After having closely analyzed the reasons of project failures, we see an area for improvement in the “soft skills”, through interpersonal relationships like leadership, communication, intercultural aspects and so on and so forth, without neglecting the technical aspects of project management.

That is the reason why Project & Service Solutions sees itself aside companies advising and training them in the field of:

  • Advice on Project management covering all the aspects of the profession
  • Advice regarding intercultural management
  • Leadership advice
  • Global project management training
  • Intercultural training
  • Leadership training
Advice and training goes hand-in-hand to bring the appropriate and necessary support to companies.